4008 N. 46th St, Hollywood, FL 33021
4008 N. 46th St, Hollywood, FL 33021


Rabbi Moshe B. Parnes

Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Moshe B. Parnes is a native of Brooklyn, NY. He studied in Mirrer Yeshiva in Brooklyn, in Yeshiva and Kollel in Yerushalayim and in Beis Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ. He holds Rabbinic ordination from the Jerusalem Beis Din, the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and others. He held positions in Dayton, OH and in Atlanta, GA prior to moving to Hollywood. He gives classes in a wide variety of topics but particularly enjoys Halacha, History and Machshava. He is married to Naama Tendler and is a proud father and grandfather.

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Goldfarb

Sgan/Assistant Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Goldfarb grew up in Cleveland Ohio where he attended Telz Yeshiva High School. After graduation, he studied several years in Telz Bais Medrash in Chicago before going to Israel where he spent 11 years in the prestigious Brisk Yeshiva in Yerushalayim. He joined the Hollywood Community Kollel in February, 2022 as Sgan/Assistant Rosh Kollel. He is married to Tzipporah, ne’e Parnes, and lives in Hollywood Hills.  

Rabbi Yisroel Davis

Associate Rabbi

Rabbi Yisroel Davis grew up in Passaic, New Jersey.  He spent many years studying in Yeshiva Torah Ore in Yerushalayim and in Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv in Queens, NY. He is married to Bluma, née Rubin, a native of South Florida. He looks forward to meeting the community and to learning in the Hollywood Community Kollel. 

Rabbi Moshe Pearl

Associate Rabbi

Rabbi Moshe (Mikey) Pearl, grew up in Hollywood, FL and is very excited to join the Kollel in his hometown. He studied in several prominent yeshivos, among them, Reishit in Israel, Shor Yoshuv in Far Rockaway, Ner Israel in Baltimore and Yeshivas Mir in Israel. He is married to Rachelli, Née Goldberg, of Boca Raton, FL and they are the proud parents of two children, Aryeh & Shana.

Rabbi Yehoshua (Josh) Shababo

Associate Rabbi

Rabbi Yehoshua (Josh) Shababo grew up in Hollywood. After graduating Yeshiva Toras Chaim in North Miami Beach, he went to Israel to study in Yeshiva Toras Chaim in Yerushalayim. He also studied in Mirrer Yeshiva and Yeshiva Shaar Hachaim in Yerushalayim before returning to America where he joined Beis Medrash Govoha of Lakewood, NJ. He is married to Atara Burns, a native of North Miami Beach and recently welcomed a baby son to their family. Rabbi Josh & Atara are thrilled to rejoin the Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale community as part of the Hollywood Community Kollel.  

Rabbi Noach Peled

Director of Community Engagement

Rabbi Noach Peled, a native of Calgary, Canada, has deep, long-standing ties to South Florida and is well-suited to succeed in his new position as Director of Community Engagement. His family moved here from Midwestern Canada when he was a teenager and he graduated Hebrew Academy. He spent several years in Talmudic University in Miami Beach before moving to Israel where he studied in Yeshivas Toras Moshe in Yerushalayim. He, his wife Chana and their family currently live in North Miami Beach where he serves as Rov of Kehillas Mikdash Melech.

Rabbi Yaakov Fried

Night Kollel Rabbi

Rabbi Yaakov Fried grew up in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, NY. A talmid of Chofetz Chaim yeshivos, he studied in the Chofetz Chaim branch in Israel where he developed a strong relationship with the Rosh Yeshiva Rav Moshe Chait, zt”l and the Mashgiach, Rav Avrohom Kanarek, zt”l. In America he studied under the renowned Rosh Yeshiva Rav Henoch Leibowitz, zt”l and became one of his closest talmidim.

As a Middle School Rebbe in Yeshiva Toras Emes in North Miami Beach, Rabbi Fried is widely recognized for his great skill and dedication and his ability to make the most complicated subjects easily understood.

He joined the Hollywood Community Kollel as a Night Kollel Rebbe from its very inception and remains one of the most popular teachers for children and adults.

Rabbi Fried lives in North Miami Beach with his wife Chani, an occupational therapist for the Miami-Dade school system. They are the proud parents and grandparents.